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Door County Guided Tours

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Contact us today for rates and details. You’ve never experienced this side of Door County! Call 920-495-1165 for the wildest ride of your life. Family friendly tours are  also available. We look forward to hearing from all the beautiful people coming up to unwind!

Learn more about Door County’s hot spots, history, hidden gems, untouched landscapes and secret nuggets by taking a scenic tour with Ezekiel Gabay.

Flying solo on your trip? Ezekiel can escort you through the magic that is Door County. Group and family rates are also available.

Door County is a place of many stories and famed tales. Let Ezekiel show you the three main sides of Door County. Contact us today for the trip of a lifetime.

There are so many benefits to letting someone else take on all the details that come with having the complete Door County experience. See why people are talking about Inquire Within Tours.


Open The Door!
Visiting a destination gives you a taste of the local culture. However, imagine actually becoming part of the culture and not just driving through it as you miss the key components of the whole experience.

You feel the breeze of  the cool or warm  waters of the escarpment wrap you up, but do you know why it is happening? You are rolling up and down the hills and valleys with wonder and awe in your mind and a million historical stories have happened on these very same path ways.  It’s not just about all the great photo opportunities that will make for the best uploads and shares. It is about feeling.

It’s about plunging yourself into another landscape of culture that makes for the best memories, adventures and life long experiences that will stick with you when you leave this magical place. Let Ezekiel guide you through the fabled tales and traditions that make Door County the greatest vacation destination in America!


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Travel is social by nature. Guided travel is extra social.  The social aspect of guided travel is one of the best parts! Our tours will forge and cultivate lasting friendships with real value. Think of all the wonderful people waiting to meet you out in the door.

Hitting The Road

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Downtown Sister Bay, Wisconsin
Downtown Sister Bay, Wisconsin
Sister Bay Library

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