Who In Tarnation Is M.C. Grass Clippings?

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Where are all the Romanian girls at? M.C. Grass Clippings is currently on hiatus from the band and is pursuing solo d.j. gigs in the greater Midwestern United States after a very long run with the remaining members of Potential Hot Dogs. He is ready to drop mad bombs all over cheese curd town, basements of Joe Brown and his extended family or right after the clown has finished at the birthday party.

Clippings and Potential Hot Dogs are currently collaborating on a possible album and tour in the near future during their free time and Sneaky “Five Eyes” Johnson is scheduled to be released from prison in 2018 pending good behavior.  The band will not be the same without him. Please put the Clippings family in your thoughts. It really was a shame what happened during the flight.



M.C. Grass Clippings is currently available to d.j. events in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota. He can show up and drop it in a freestyle fashion or is also available to fine tune the performance for your event based on your needs and desires. Please call Inquire Within, INC. today for a free one hour consultation to discuss the greatest party ever. He is also willing to travel further out per expenses paid.


Please contact Eric at Potential Hotdogs for further information about the band lineup. It has changed since their last album and Sneaky remains in our hearts and prayers. It should not have gone down the way it did in Houston. Stay tuned as more information becomes available. His arm is healing well and the court record has been sealed due to sensitivity of the case.


His wife is accepting donations and other handouts too. Please help see her through these unfortunate events. May Tula rest in peace.


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